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Welcome to Family Empowerment!

Family Empowerment is the Family Support Center for Hampshire County, located on Route 9 in Hadley, western Massachusetts.

We support individuals with special needs and their families. We help connect the dots with information to bring alive their visions of meaningful work, community integration and preferred living arrangements.

Whether your family is caring for a preschooler, a school age child, a teenager in transition years or an adult at any life stage, we will help you find state and local resources to develop a unique plan of action and a community supportive of your needs.

Our informational supports include clarifying all of the different services available (service navigation) and free parent trainings and workshops led by local experts. We provide stipends, respite referrals and recommend potential funding sources for various uses.

Family Empowerment shares office space with Whole Children and Milestones. Whole Children offers enrichment, social and recreational programs for younger children while Milestones focuses on skill building and community engagement programs for young adults.

The proximity of all three programs to each other creates an exciting and innovative hub of activity. You are invited to come and visit anytime! Call 413-585-8010 to make arrangements.

We’ve been there. We can help.

Many of us at Family Empowerment are parents or siblings caring for family members with developmental disabilities. We’ve encountered our own challenges in fulfilling goals and understand the frustrations associated with advocating for a loved one.

We are here for you, to listen and help. Click here to contact us!